Hope Everyone Had a Good Weekend

I watched Don’t Breathe and Don’t Breathe 2 this weekend. It’s about an old blind guy that murders the shit out of everything. While I was greatly entertained I cant help but think that I would have survived both movies just by chillin on the dude’s sofa, even watch some TV with the volume down. You literally up your chances of survival by 80% by not doing anything and I’m reeeallly good at that! I mean, if you can’t handle a blind slasher in his 70s you kinda suck.

That gives me an Idea! Jason Voorhees but with asthma! Ch ch ch, ah ah ah *wheeze*cough*puff-puff* Ch ch ch, ah ah ah ..


SO… Anyway, I have uploaded a good chunk of my Fartboner strips, so def check those out. I didn’t send each one to the inbox because that would be an obnoxious amount of emails for one day, but once I got all the backlog done I’ll start uploading new ones that will be delivered to you..

I think I’ve decided to use this Substack as my zacsart.com site rather than the wordpress, I’ll have to figure out how to transfer the domain and all that, I bet it’s a pain lol. I’m excited though, a newsletter that’s also a website will be quite a bit more fulfilling to update.

BTW I’ll be at Midwest Monsterfest 9/3-9/5

That’s all for now!

Thanks to you guys who have already subscribed, I’m still in beta so I haven’t promoted it or started a list yet. Just trying to get into a routine for right now.