Wrong Turn

Webcomic, Midwest Monsterfest, Hulk vs Dreams

How did people get around before GPS?? (..I vaguely remember Mapquest days where we would print out directions and try to get all our exits right.)

My AppleMaps got me within a mile of the con and was like..

So I just stared blankly into space, completely clueless, my robot overlords have abandoned me.

Luckily fellow humans showed me deh wey ..which was super close and if I had any sense of direction I probably could have found it..

But I didn’t, I was too lost in thought over the idea of who would win a fight between The Incredible Hulk and Freddy Krueger.

I mean, yeah, it’s the dream realm.. but am I expected to believe Robert England’s skinny ass is gonna touch the Hulk.. even while he’s sleeping?

Pretty sure Hulk would just eat him in the dream then poop him out in real life, effectively murdering Freddy.


what was I talking about?


I want to thank all the new subscribers from Midwest Monster Fest! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed talking to new peeps.

I’m still working on getting my comics archived to this new site, apologies if you seen this one already.

For anyone who wanted my Bat Tacos design on a shirt I put it up in my Neatoshop!

aight, im out like stupid apple gps