ICC Cometh

My Poor Dead Cintiq, Squid Boy, Coasters

Sorry for the lack of action!! I was out of commission for a while. My Wacom Cintiq monitor blew up ..literally!

Old boy started smoking! lol. Didnt turn off or anything, he kept trucking right along while goin up in smoke.

Had him for 10 years *sigh* rip my love


I will be there

AND I’ll be bringing a bunch of new coasters with me

AND hopefully I’ll have stickers and prints of my newest design

You can also get the shirt on Teepublic if you hate Neatoshop

Did you guys watch Squid Game?? I checked it out before it was gettin hyped, loved it. I also super loved Alice in Borderland.. so if you like Squid Game check that out too. It’s another death game type thriller.

My fat asthmatic ass would not survive long ..ALTHOUGH I think I could have gotten past red light green light. Not really, I’d probably trip.. but I would have had a better chance at that one than any of the others.